Some guys have all the luck. In the U.S., 2% of nonprofits account for 90% of all revenue in the sector. That’s astonishing. But why? Some organizations are simply larger than others — that’s part of the story, yes — but others just have greater visibility; that name recognition that can attract support from celebrities and give them an advantage in attracting donors and funding. But here’s a little secret: greater visibility comes from good storytelling, and good storytelling — letting people hear about what you’re doing — doesn’t have to cost a fortune. 

Whether you’re an organization supported by government or foundation grants, donations, memberships, or grassroots campaigns, you need the outside world to know about the critical work you do, what makes you unique, not to mention your success stories.

We'll tell your story

At nofiction we understand the media landscape and can help you develop and execute media campaigns, pitch stories to journalists, and respond to media inquiries. We work on getting your messaging right — not just finding your stories, but giving your staff media relations training, honing your story pitching skills as well as conveying those stories to journalists in order to generate news and features coverage.